The life membership award to Ms Paula Gordon recognised the significant contribution and dedication to Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) and the dryland farming industry over more than two decades.

Steve Burt, Chair MSF said “As a Board Member, Paula has played a major part in supporting grain farmers in the Mallee area to advance their sustainable farming systems. This ensured that MSF members were able to access leading researchers in the development of no-till farming systems. As well as boosting the “bottom line” these initiatives have led to improved groundcover and reduced soil erosion”.

Steve Burt further said “Apart from the contribution to MSF, Paula Gordon’s distinguished career, spanning her roles in the Victorian Public Service, where she contributed significantly to community services, management, agriculture research, and the adoption of new farming practices. Ms. Gordon also played a pivotal role in the establishment of the first Rural Financial Counselling Service in Australia and contributed to program development adopted by the Commonwealth Government for the horticulture industry when faced with adversity”.

MSF proudly announces the award of Life Membership to Paula Gordon during its Annual General Meeting last week. Paula Gordon joins a distinguished list of life membership recipients, including Dr. David Roget, Tony Robbins, Gary Doyle, Allen Buckley, Jim Maynard, Ian Hastings, and Ron Hards.

In accepting her award, Ms Gordon expressed gratitude for the honour, acknowledged the pivotal role of MSF in information sharing, collaborative research and inspiration, working alongside farmers at the local level. She credited the mutual respect and strong interactions between scientists and farmers as the powerhouse of MSF, planning regionally but responding locally.

This historic recognition marks the first time in MSF’s nearly 25-year history that a woman has been awarded Life Membership.

Picture caption: Paula Gordon pictured with MSF Chair Steve Burt and MSF Director Andrew Biele after receiving Life Membership.

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