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We are a farmer driven organisation delivering research, development and extension. 


Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) is a farmer-driven organisation working to unlock the potential of low-rainfall Mallee regions in Australia. 

We strive to bring together farmers, researchers and innovators in order to create sustainable and profitable farming businesses. Our research, development and extension activities are specifically designed to address the needs of farmers in the Mallee region.

The MSF Advantage

MSF operates to ensure that the vital research development and extension that will underpin the future productivity and sustainability of farming in the low rainfall Mallee continues.

Our partnership approach facilitates the application of key research and development activities within the region. This brings together national, regional and local research and development capabilities to create an impact far greater than if we operated independently.

The scientific rigour of this program is something that MSF is very proud of and is critical for providing a sound basis for the MSF extension program.


MSF membership gives you direct access to the latest sustainable farming research, advice and details about on-farm applications to improve your farm business. 

Farmers play a key role in guiding the MSF research focus are updated on new research and trials, see the results first-hand on paddock walks, learn from the experts at our forums and workshops and have access to a library of publications. MSF’s significant membership base gives the Mallee a strong voice to advocate for investment in new research, development and extension activities across the region.

Membership is free to all people involved in farming businesses in the Victorian, New South Wales and South Australian Mallee.


MSF’s Farm Talk Podcast proudly brings Farmers, Researchers and Ag Industry connections together to chat innovative farming practices to help build a sustainable farming future for our Mallee growers. Mallee Sustainable Farming is a farmer-driven organisation specialising in Research, Development and Extension for NSW, VIC & SA’s low-rainfall Mallee region.


MSF is governed by a Board of up to 11 farmer and specialist Directors. The Board plays an important part in setting the strategic direction of Mallee Sustainable Farming with a vision to promote dynamic, profitable and sustainable farming systems across the low rainfall Mallee region. 

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