Empowering Mallee’s youth to share and celebrate their stories of resilience and community through captivating social media reels

Key objectives

Showcase Regional Resilience Through Storytelling

Promote Community Engagement and Collective Problem-Solving

Celebrate and Connect Through an Inclusive Screening Event

About the project

Aimed at young people in the Northern Mallee areas, this project centres around the production of a series of short videos or “reels” for social media through the eyes of young people from across the region. The videos will tell “local stories” about the highs and lows of working and living in Mallee communities, and showcase examples of personal and community resilience.

The videos will illuminate how resilience is built through adversity, how communities work together to overcome challenges, and the role of community connections, leadership and communication in sustaining resilient Mallee communities.

An official “screening” of the Mallee-REEL-Culture series will be held towards the end of the project, which will serve as a celebration of youth and resilience in our region, and strengthen connections between youth, service providers, major stakeholders, employers and Community Impact Program delivery partners.

Mallee Sustainable Farming is proudly leading this project for the Victorian Mallee Region that is funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund | Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought – Community Impact Program.

This Initiative assists communities in strengthening networks ahead of drought through community-led projects and support for individuals in developing leadership skills to benefit their community. The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal is delivering this Initiative in partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

The Aim of Mallee REEL Culture Project

Showcase Regional Resilience Through Storytelling

This objective involves the creation and dissemination of engaging social media reels that capture the authentic experiences of young individuals living and working in the Northern Mallee areas. These videos will highlight local narratives that cover both the successes and challenges faced by these communities, emphasizing how personal and community resilience emerges from these experiences.


Promote Community Engagement and Collective Problem-Solving

The video series will serve as a platform to showcase the collective efforts of Mallee communities in addressing and overcoming various challenges. It will highlight effective community strategies, including the essential roles played by leadership, communication, and robust community connections, in building and sustaining resilience in the face of adversity.

Celebrate and Connect Through an Inclusive Screening Event

Toward the project’s conclusion, an official screening event of the “Mallee-REEL-Culture” series will be held as a celebration of youth and resilience in the region. This event will not only showcase the stories captured in the videos but also serve as a pivotal gathering to strengthen ties among the youth, local service providers, major stakeholders, employers, and partners involved in the Community Impact Program. This initiative will foster a greater sense of community and provide networking opportunities that could lead to further collaborations and support systems within the region


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