Enhancing farmer knowledge of soil function

Our project, '101 Questions About SA Cropping Soils,' will boost farmer knowledge through easy-to-access e-publication and targeted social media Q&As.

Key objectives

Develop Engaging Educational Content

Enhance Understanding of Soil Management

Clarify Common Misconceptions

About the project

The project titled “Enhancing farmer knowledge of soil function to improve management outcomes” provides the focus for this project that will produce a highly engaging and easy to read resource titled “101 questions about SA cropping soils you were never game to ask”. The resource will initially be made available on-line (e-publication), and will be widely featured in socials with each of the 101 Q&A’s made available as a blog and social media post over a period of time.

This project aims to provide “the why” behind the decisions SA farmers need to make in relation to adopting practices to address the range of SA specific soils characteristics, soil biology, subsoil constraints, soil nutrition dynamics, etc. It will do this by posing a series of specific questions about soils from an on-farm management perspective.

The series of questions and answers (101 in total) will also address common misconceptions held by some farmers and advisers, and provide the reasoning behind how recommended practices address or overcome specific production constraints.

Develop Engaging Educational Content

Create an accessible and engaging online resource titled “101 questions about SA cropping soils you were never game to ask,” designed to educate South Australian farmers about soil management in a straightforward and engaging manner.


Enhance Understanding of Soil Management

Equip farmers with deeper insights into the ‘why’ behind necessary management decisions tailored to the specific characteristics of South Australian soils, including aspects of soil biology, subsoil constraints, and soil nutrition dynamics.


Clarify Common Misconceptions

Address and correct prevalent misunderstandings among farmers and advisers through targeted questions and answers, and illustrate how recommended practices can effectively tackle specific agricultural production constraints


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