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Welcome, Mallee farmers, to your MSF information hub! Here, you’ll find resources, research, and sustainable practices tailored to your farming needs.

Let’s partner up to enhance productivity and resilience on your farms, ensuring a thriving future for Mallee agriculture. Dive in and discover how we can grow together with MSF.

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Farmers are indispensable to MSF, driving our research direction, embodying our sustainable practices, and fortifying our community. Together, we’re growing a resilient and prosperous future for Mallee farming.

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It’s like having a chat over the fence with your neighbour, except it’s packed with the latest on what’s working right in our backyard here in Mallee. They talk about everything from beating wind erosion to keeping your soil in top shape, and it’s all from folks who know what it’s like to work the land.

Plus, you’ll hear about some smart moves and gadgets that could make your life a bit easier. It’s like getting the lowdown on all the tried-and-tested tricks without having to leave your home. Give it a shot; you might pick up a thing or two that could make a big difference on your farm.

Get involved in the community

Get involved in the local community and connect with us

Heading to MSF events is a smart move for you and your farm. You’ll get the scoop on the newest farming tricks tailored just for our Mallee soil, straight from the folks who know it best. It’s also your chance to chat with other farmers and experts, swapping stories and tips. Plus, you might find a few new ideas that could make your land work harder for you. It’s all about getting together, learning from each other, and helping our farms thrive.

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Discover how MSF projects are revolutionising Mallee farming through our pioneering research and advocacy.

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