MSF Farm Talk Podcast

MSF Farm Talk Podcast

MSF’s Farm Talk Podcast proudly brings Farmers, Researchers and Ag Industry connections together to chat innovative farming practices to help build a sustainable farming future for our Mallee growers. Mallee Sustainable Farming is a farmer-driven organisation specialising in Research, Development and Extension for NSW, VIC & SA’s low-rainfall Mallee region.

Meet the MSF Farmer Directors

A collection of light hearted chats with our MSF Farmer Directors.


MSF proudly partnered with the National Centre for Farmer Health on this Podcast Series.

The National Centre for Farmer Health aims to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of farmers, their families and communities across Australia. Learn more about where to start when it comes to personal health planning and what types of screening and vaccinations are important for farmers by visiting:

Target 50

The TARGET 50 Podcast Series is focused on decision making to keep ground cover in the system. Thank you to our Target 50 project partners, Agriculture Victoria, for your support.

Mallee Sand to Gold

AWI Feed Nutrition

MSF are working on a new project funded by the Australian Wool Innovation with livestock consultant, Hamish Dickson, to address the knowledge gap in feed quality and management in low rainfall environments.

We look forward to sharing this data with growers as a resource through the Lifetime Ewe courses. Listen out for more podcasts and videos in the near future where we look forward to sharing more information and findings.

Tackling Weeds Together

Mallee Seeps

Riverland Mallee Mesonet Project

As part of the Riverland & Mallee Mesonet project 30 towers were installed in the northern and southern Mallee and Riverland South Australia.

Thanks to PIRSA’s Regional Growth Fund for supporting this game changing project in the Riverland and Mallee, and giving farmers (both horticultural and broad acre) the info they need to make the right spray decisions.

Mallee Farming AgVic Series Season 2: Livestock and Land Management

In collaboration with Agriculture Victoria, season 2 of Mallee Farming AgVIC series focuses on livestock and land management in the Mallee. The podcasts are delivered through funding from the Victorian Government’s 2019–20 Drought Support Package. For more information about other drought and dry seasonal conditions support from Agriculture Victoria go to or call 136 186.

In this series, Drew Radford chats with a range of ag specialists to bring updates, new findings, ideas and insights on farming in low-rainfall Mallee regions of SA, VIC & NSW.

Mallee Farming AgVic Series Season 1: Dry Seasons

Mallee Sustainable Farming in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria proudly developed the Mallee Farming AgVic series. This series was produced to assist farmers experiencing drought and dry seasonal conditions. The development of the episodes included in the Mallee Farming AgVic series was funded by the Agriculture Victoria Drought Program. For more information please visit:

In this series, Drew Radford chats with a range of ag specialists to bring updates, new findings, ideas and insights on farming in low-rainfall Mallee regions of SA, VIC & NSW.

Collaborate with MSF

We appreciate and thank all of the amazing organisations who have partnered up with MSF to bring key podcast episodes to life.

MSF warmly welcomes collaboration opportunities with Agribusinesses and organisations to bring informative and relevant information to our Mallee farming audiences.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about collaborating with MSF on a Podcast series or Episode, please contact MSF.

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