Growing Carbon Farming Demonstration Pilot

Enhancing sustainable agriculture through innovative carbon farming practices across South Australia’s Murray Mallee

Key objectives

Demonstrate carbon farming practices, including the generation of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), across 3,000 hectares in the Murray Mallee region.

Apply existing knowledge of soil and fertility management to enhance crop and pasture production while focusing on carbon sequestration.

About the project

Demonstration and quantification of carbon farming opportunities (including generation Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s)) across the Murray Mallee will be undertaken through increased crop biomass, reduced soil disturbance and better soil management. Twelve farmers totalling 3000 hectares of cropping land will be included in this pilot program.

This project will take existing knowledge on best practice soil and soil fertility management, and apply it on 12 commercial farms to crop and pasture production areas of approximately 3,000 hectares across the SA Murray Mallee as an approach to carbon sequestration. The project will in turn develop a recognised template for other farmers from a range of cropping zones across SA to follow, building the capacity of farmers and farming systems groups to: a) register soils projects b) baseline soil carbon c) develop management strategies that build soil carbon and d) report on carbon sequestration.

The Aim of PIRSA Growing Carbon Farming Demonstration Pilot Projects

Demonstrate Carbon Farming

Conduct a comprehensive demonstration of carbon farming opportunities across the Murray Mallee region, specifically focusing on the generation of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). This involves measuring the impact of increased crop biomass, reduced soil disturbance, and enhanced soil management across a pilot area spanning 3,000 hectares.

Implement Best Practices for Soil and Fertility Management

Utilise established scientific knowledge and techniques in soil and fertility management to optimise crop and pasture productivity while prioritising carbon sequestration. This will be applied in a practical setting across 12 commercial farms, serving as a real-world example of sustainable agricultural practices.

Develop a Standardised Template for Soil Carbon Projects

Create a universally recognized framework or template that can be replicated by other farmers throughout South Australia. This template will serve as a guideline for initiating and managing soil projects aimed at carbon sequestration, providing a systematic approach to enhancing soil health and environmental sustainability.

Build Capacity Among Farmers and Farming Systems Groups

Equip local farmers and agricultural groups with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively manage soil carbon projects. This includes training on how to register and manage soil projects, establish baselines for soil carbon, develop strategies to increase soil carbon, and accurately report on the progress and outcomes of carbon sequestration efforts.


This project was funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, Government of South Australia.

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