Barley grass Management

Demonstrating and validating the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in low rainfall farming systems.

Key objectives

Identify the Causes of Increasing Barley Grass Infestations

Develop and Demonstrate Effective Management Tactics

Explore Herbicide Options

About the project

Over the last few years there have been increases in barley grass infestations in cereal crops in southern Australia. Pinpointing why these weeds are becoming more problematic in cereals in southern Australia is difficult, but there are several possibilities including adoption of early sowing and that barley grass has developed adaptation mechanisms to escape pre-sowing weed control practices.  

This project is undertaking coordinated development research to demonstrate tactics that can be reliably used to improve management of barley grass. These tactics include herbicide options within relevant rotations in the southern region.  

  • Identify the Causes of Increasing Barley Grass Infestations: Investigate why barley grass is becoming a more significant problem in cereal crops across southern Australia, considering factors like early sowing practices and evolutionary adaptations in weed control evasion.


  • Develop and Demonstrate Effective Management Tactics: Carry out research to develop and demonstrate practical management strategies that can effectively control barley grass.
  • Explore Herbicide Options: Evaluate different herbicide options that are suitable for use within the crop rotation systems prevalent in the southern region to manage barley grass effectively.

Site updates

The Mallee farmer steering committee selected 4 management strategies for investigation in a large scale replicated demonstration trial which was established on a mixed farming property just north of Lameroo.
The district practise strategy of wheat, pasture, wheat will be compared to a range of other strategies over three years to determine which is most successful in reducing barley grass and keeping numbers low.

The 3 year demonstration plan is outlined below:


Barley Grass in the Mallee with Dr Chris Preston – In this episode we are joined by Dr Chris Preston from Adelaide Uni to discuss Barley Grass in the Mallee. We have partnered with the GRDC on this project.

Dr Chris Preston is a Professor in Weed Management at the University of Adelaide where he works on understanding the management of herbicide resistant weeds.

Chris discusses how best to approach and control barley grass in the mallee.

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