SAGIT Deep Ripping

Deep ripping to enhance production on Mallee Sandy Soils

Key objectives

Increase productivity and groundcover on Mallee’s deep sandy soils through deep ripping.

Promote increased adoption of deep ripping among Mallee region farmers.

Establish demonstration sites to refine deep ripping methods like timing, tyne spacing, and depth.

About the project

Deep sandy Mallee soils are poor performing and highly susceptible to soil erosion. However, recent findings from local research activities have shown that crop productivity on these soils can be significantly enhanced through the implementation of deep ripping.

Deep ripping reduces the soils penetration resistance allowing the roots to grow deeper into the soil and access soil water and nutrients that were not accessed be before. This enhances the productivity of the crop and local trials have measured a 40-100% increase in crop growth and yield.

The objective of this project is to increase productivity and groundcover on the Mallee regions deep sandy soils (sand dunes) through increased adoption of deep ripping. Several demonstration sites have been established with farmers in collaboration with industry experts to help address some key questions around deep ripping such as best timing, tyne spacing, depth of operation and the use of inclusion plates.

Site Updates in South Australia

Trial Site Update 2021-Woodleigh, SA

Trial Site Update 2021-Younghusband, SA

Trial Site Update 2020-Woodleigh, SA

Other Handy Resources

Economics of soil amelioration treatments (making sure it pays)

Presenter: Dr Rick Llewellyn, CSIRO.

How far can we push the benefits of deep ripping?

Presenter: Michael Moodie, Frontier Farming Systems



Thank you for your project contributions
The Nickolls family – Pinnaroo, SA.
The Lange family – Woodleigh, SA
The Stephens family – Younghusband, SA

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