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We’re thrilled to join forces with fellow farming professionals, aiming to foster innovation, share knowledge, and drive sustainable practices within our community. Together, we can achieve greater strides in agriculture, combining our expertise for a prosperous, sustainable future. Let’s cultivate success through collaboration!


Combine diverse expertise for innovative solutions


Expand connections and open doors to new opportunities and ideas.


Strengthen the farming community’s voice on critical issues.

Immersive Ag

Explore Australian Agriculture Virtually

Discover cutting-edge agricultural practices with Immersive Ag, a collaboration between Frontier Farming Systems and Mallee Sustainable Farming. Experience virtual field days and trials through 360-degree vision and 3D drone footage, accessible anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Stay updated with the latest research and trial results, making innovative farming knowledge available from the comfort of your home or tractor cab.

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Optimize Your Farming with AgriSolve

AgriSolve helps farmers increase yields using satellite data. Analyze soil temperature, NDVI, and NDWI features, track changes over time, and get suggestions for soil improvement. Perfect for farming, environmental management, and forestry, it’s a free tool for personal and commercial use.

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Soil Hub

Discover Soil Insights

Unlock the potential of sandy soils with Soil Hub. Access virtual soil pits across South Australia and Victoria, offering 360-degree views, expert videos, and 3D modeling. Learn about soil properties like pH levels, water repellence, and soil strength, all from your device. Enhance your farming practices with practical knowledge and resources tailored for sandy soils.

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