Mitigating Frost Risks: Strategies from the Frost Learning Centre

In this episode of the Better Frost Decisions podcast, host Paige Cross speaks with Ben Smith from Agrilink Agriculture Consultants about frost management strategies. They discuss the work being done at the Frost Learning Centre in South Australia, including the role of phenology in mitigating frost risks. Ben shares insights on the importance of understanding frost zones, developmental drivers such as temperature sensitivity, photoperiod, and vernalization, as well as strategies like varietal mixtures and timing of seeding.

The conversation also highlights ongoing research and trials aimed at improving frost outcomes in various crops.

Join the discussion for valuable tips and updates on navigating frost management in agriculture.

00:00 Unlocking Frost Management Strategies

00:22 Welcome to the Better Frost Decisions Podcast00:59 Insights from the Frost Learning Centre

03:44 Exploring Phenology and Frost Mitigation

09:03 Advanced Frost Research and Future Directions

10:12 Reflecting on the 2023 Season and Frost Management Outcomes

17:04 Looking Ahead: Frost Management Strategies for the Future

18:40 Wrapping Up: Insights and Acknowledgments

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