In this episode of the MSF Farm Talk podcast, host Tanja Morgan discusses the potential of long coleoptile varieties with Terese McBeath from CSIRO and Andrew Ware, Research Agronomist with EPAG Research.

The conversation covers recent research findings from trials in the Mallee and Eyre Peninsula regions, focusing on soil types, seeding strategies, and optimising conditions for long coleoptile varieties.

Tune in to learn how this technology could enhance your farming system, improve emergence outcomes, and stay ahead with the latest agricultural innovations.

00:00 Introduction to MSF Farm Talk Podcast

00:14 Exploring Long Coleoptile Varieties

00:57 Research Findings from Trial Sites

02:17 Soil Type and Seeding Strategies

04:47 Seeding Setup and Fertiliser Placement

05:50 Current Trials and Observations

07:21 Grower Experiences and Future Prospects

11:13 Conclusion and Further Information

This podcast has been brought to you as part of the ‘Developing robust ground cover to enable resilience in low rainfall mixed farms’ project through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

We would also like to acknowledge the GRDC project “Integrating long coleoptile wheat into Australian farming systems through an integrated understanding of genetics, management and environment”

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