In the spirit of recognising outstanding contributions to sustainable agriculture, we are thrilled to introduce the first-ever group recipients of the prestigious David Roget Award for Excellence. Named in honour of David Roget, who devoted over 30 years to agricultural research, this award pays homage to his enduring legacy and influence on sustainable farming. David Roget, a principal research scientist with CSIRO, left an indelible mark by bridging the gap between laboratory research and practical application in the paddock. Instrumental in establishing the concept of farming systems research, he played a pivotal role in forming the foundation of what we know today as Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF). The David Roget Award is bestowed upon individuals or groups nominated by colleagues who have significantly contributed to the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of dryland farming in the MSF region. The recipients exemplify a broader impact beyond their routine activities. In a groundbreaking decision, the 2024 David Roget Award for Excellence is proudly presented to the Lowbank Ag Bureau, a collective force in the farming community. Known for their proactive approach and mutual support, this group stands out for its dedication to enhancing farm sustainability through research and extension activities. The group, composed of forward-thinking farmers, has self-funded trials, organized paddock-scale machinery demonstrations, conducted nutrition trials, and participated in various MSF events. Their commitment extends to supporting MSF regional trials, providing valuable feedback for surveys, and actively engaging with funding organizations to represent Mallee farmers’ interests. The 2024 David Roget Award recognizes the remarkable efforts of the Lowbank Ag Bureau, acknowledging their significant contributions to research, development, and extension and their unwavering support for the next generation of farmers. Several members of the group have also played crucial roles in establishing MSF as farmer Directors. Despite operating in one of the driest areas within the MSF footprint, the Lowbank Ag Bureau stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation. Their collective pursuit of adaptive and viable farming practices over generations showcases their commitment to supporting each other in the pursuit of long-term sustainability. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Lowbank Ag Bureau for their exceptional efforts. This recognition is a testament to the group’s dedication to advancing sustainable farming practices in the Mallee region.

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