Outcome H

Outcome H (5G)

Based on your decisions above the suggested action that you could take is displayed below.

Diverse shrub–pasture system in either block or alley design

Establish shrubs in low density blocks or alleys with pasture grown in-between

Where farmers are primarily interested in improving the resilience of the livestock feedbase, and are prepared to rotate stock through shrub-pasture plantings, they should consider establishing mixtures of diverse shrubs and pasture.

  • Under-storey pastures provide the bulk of the feed on offer, with shrubs providing a complementary source of crude protein and minerals.
  • These plantings can not only improve farm productivity and drought resilience, but also improve salinity, erosion and biodiversity outcomes.
  • The optimal design is likely to be double or triple rows of diverse shrubs separated by alleys that support grazing cereals or sown pastures.
  • Grazing management is paramount – diverse shrub and pasture mixes need to be grazed at high intensity with stock rotated frequently to ensure all feeds are utilised and no particular species is overgrazed.
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