Outcome E: Establishing a shrub-pasture mix

Based on your decisions above the suggested action that you could take is displayed below.

Establishing a shrub-pasture mix

Many Mallee farms have areas of land that are unproductive for cropping but will still support forage shrubs and some level of pasture production. In this situation, the under-storey pastures provide the bulk of the feed on offer, and the shrubs provide a complementary source of crude protein and minerals.

  • Farmers typically use Old Man Saltbush but can also consider newer varieties like Anameka and Eyres Green that are more productive but don’t self seed. Consider River Saltbush on waterlogged saline sites, or Mallee Saltbush on very sandy sites.
  • Shrubs can be established in blocks or alleys
  • With alleys, consider the width needed for machinery access down the inter-row so that grazing crops or pastures can be sown.
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