Can grain legumes still perform with a late start?

In this episode, Paige Cross discusses the potential for grain legume crops with Dr. Penny Roberts, the resident research manager at MSF. They explore the complexities and opportunities of planting grain legumes late in the season, focusing on crop types, subsoil moisture, and best farm practices.

Dr. Roberts shares insights on risk management strategies, the importance of inoculation, and how to ensure maximum crop performance despite a late start. Valuable tips and resources for farmers are also highlighted to support successful legume production.

00:00 Introduction and Key Questions

00:18 Meet Dr. Penny Roberts

01:04 Is It Too Late to Grow Grain Legumes?

02:15 Decision-Making for Paddock Selection

03:06 Time of Sowing Considerations

04:22 Subsoil Moisture and Sowing Tips

05:10 Farm Practices for Late Sowing

06:40 Inoculation and Rhizobia Management

09:02 Final Tips and Summary

10:45 Conclusion and Resources

For the GRDC Doubling inoculant rates fact sheet click here

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Grain Legume Extension Hub Victoria

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