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Managing ground cover on erosion prone soils: Guidelines to follow

Erosion is a problem that plagues agricultural lands all over the world. In particular, farmers in the Mallee region of Australia face the constant challenge of preventing soil from being carried away by the wind.

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The power of peer to peer learning

Peer-to-peer learning, also known as collaborative learning, has emerged as a powerful method to enhance the learning experience for individuals. It is a process that involves sharing knowledge and skills within a group or community. In this post, we explore the many benefits of peer-to-peer learning and how it can unlock the full potential of learners.

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Conservation agriculture – celebrating our champions

Last week MSF celebrated the achievements of one of our key research collaborators and champions of conservation agriculture, by awarding Agricultural Research Engineer, Dr Jack Desbiolles the David Roget Award for Excellence for 2023.

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Innovations to improve groundcover

Groundcover is the unsung hero of the farming world, providing countless benefits such as improving rainfall infiltration, reducing runoff, and lowering erosion risk. But as anyone who has ever battled drought knows, maintaining groundcover can be a real challenge.

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