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Insights from the SA Agribusiness event: Getting the Dirt on Carbon Farming

Mallee Sustainable Farming recently hosted a table at the SA Agribusiness Annual Lunch in Adelaide.

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Addressing Acidic Sandy Soils and Maximising Grain Legume Production

At a recent Pinnaroo field day we tackled the challenges faced by farmers dealing with increasingly acidic sandy soils.

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Mallee Sustainable Farming extends it’s Agronomy!

Mallee Sustainable Farming has announced the appointment of Louise Brok as an Extension Agronomist to add to its team.

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Mallee Sustainable Farming announces Special General Meeting

Mallee Sustainable farming invites members to a Special General meeting!

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No rest for the wicked – though we need it more than ever.

I must be getting old, because I find myself more and more harping back to ‘the good old days’. And that’s not just in relation to good movies, fun TV shows, great music or the Crows knowing how to win premierships.

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Unlocking the potential of variable rate technology: Breaking down 5 barriers to adoption

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) holds immense promise for farmers, but several barriers have hindered its widespread adoption. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key obstacles:

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