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Clearfield Variety Frost Susceptibility Trial

Funding: South Australian Grains Industry Trust
Year: 2018-2021

There have been growing concerns that Clearfield varieties may be more susceptible to frost. This has been reported by growers experiencing higher yield losses from frost in paddocks where Clearfield varieties are grown but agronomists and researchers are not certain if the problem is caused by the increased area sown to Clearfield varieties therefore greater observed crop losses, the crop physiology of the varieties or the interaction of the group B imidazolinone herbicides that are used on the crop. Both Clearfield cereals and lentils will be tested at the Loxton trial site.

This project aims to answer the following questions:
Does applying an imidazolinone herbicide to a Clearfield variety impact on frost susceptibility?
Does the timing and rate of the imidazolinone herbicide application impact on frost susceptibility?