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    Episode 6: MSF Farm Talk | A cuppa with David Evans, Grain Growers

    December 11, 2020 - 10:27 am

    In the latest MSF Farm Talk Podcast, we caught up with Grain Growers Limited’s SA Regional Coordinator, David Evans, for a chat over a coffee by the Murray River in SA.
    We are so grateful for Grain Growers who have once again come on board as a sponsor of MSF.

    So, what did we cover in this episode?

    – Exciting things that David is seeing farming system groups tackle.
    – A run down on key policies that GrainGrowers are working on.
    – How we can connect with our local GrainGrowers board members and representatives.
    – GrainGrowers have partnered with Benestar® to bring farmers and their families a holistic and comprehensive health and wellbeing program. David filled us in on this awesome new program

    + much more!

    Learn more about GRAIN GROWERS here: https://www.graingrowers.com.au/