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Episode 9: MSF Farm Talk | Understanding Inversions with Warwick Grace, Meteorologist

January 13, 2021 - 10:37 am

MSF FARM TALK IS BACK! In this very first episode for 2021, MSF’s Program Manager, Tanja Morgan catches up with Meteorologist, Warwick Grace to chat about inversions.

Tanja and Warwick cover what inversions are, the science behind them and how the Riverland and Mallee Mesonet project is playing a crucial role in inversion research. Listen to the end for details on the up-and-coming MSF Riverland and Mallee Mesonet workshops: https://msfp.org.au/event/riverland-mallee-mesonet-workshops-sa/

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For more info on the Riverland and Mallee Mesonet Project, check out this episode from July 2020 https://msfp.org.au/podcast/ep1-msf-farm-talk-riverland-and-mallee-mesonet-project/

This project is led by the Ag Ex Alliance with funding from PIRSA’s Regional Growth Fund.