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Episode 3: Target 50 Series | Re-establishing eroded soils with John Leys

June 23, 2020 - 1:10 pm

Welcome to the ‘Target 50 – decision making to keep ground cover in the system’ series with our focus today on managing eroded soils. This series is all about ground cover and talking through the practicalities of farming to keep the minimum recommended levels of 50% ground cover in the system. Keeping our farming systems protected from wind erosion and our soils healthy and sustainable is what we are aiming for!

Our guest in this episode has been involved with Mallee Sustainable Farming right back in the early days! He was one of our key researchers working on erosion prevention and helped guide farmers in ground cover management when shifting to no-till seeding systems.
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment NSW researcher, Dr John Leys joins us today to talk about re-establishing cover on eroded soils and some of the important rules of thumb we should consider in our more modern farming systems to prevent erosion issues into the future.

Ground Cover App mentioned in the episode:
“RaPP Map” https://map.geo-rapp.org/#australia
Video links on how to use the RaPP Map:
Report on ground cover:
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We thank our Target 50 project partners, Agriculture Victoria for your support.