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Episode 2: Target 50 Series | Maintaining stubble in legume rotations with Michael Moodie

June 23, 2020 - 1:05 pm

TARGET 50 Podcast Series – decision making to keep ground cover in the system! Episode Two: Maintaining stubble in legume rotations with Michael Moodie, Frontier Farming Systems (MSF’s Key Research Agronomist).
Michael provides an update on:

The work he has been doing on break crops in the Mallee and the trends that he has seen in the uptake of break crops in the region.
Discussion around positives and drawbacks of growing legumes
Why we are seeing a reduction in ground cover over time when it comes to legumes
Michael’s observations on any obvious factors in maximising biomass and ground cover in legume crops
Plus much more!

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We thank our Target 50 project partners, Agriculture Victoria for your support.