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Episode 1: Target 50 Series | Decision making to keep ground cover in the system

June 19, 2020 - 6:04 pm

Episode One: Maintaining ground cover with livestock.
Guest Speaker: Daniel Schuppan, Livestock Consultant, Nutrien Ag Solutions.
Wondering how to prevent your livestock camping on sand hills? How to maximise grazing on stubbles without the blowouts?
When to pull the trigger on stubble and pasture grazing?
When do we know when it’s time to move stock into containment (without making the decision too late)?
Daniel shares his expertise on all of the above (and more!) in this episode.
*Remember, the information provided in this episode is intended as a guide only. We recommend you chat with your own professional livestock consultant for advice tailored to your own situation.
We thank our Target 50 project partners, Agriculture Victoria for your support.