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Episode 2: Looking after your most important farm asset | The things you need to know about Q Fever and other Zoonosis diseases

June 23, 2020 - 1:45 pm

Looking after your most important farm asset podcast series

MSF are proudly partnering with the National Centre for Farmer Health on this Podcast Series! If you haven’t already listened to Episode 1, about health planning, then be sure to go check that episode out right after you finish listening to this one!

Tegan Buckley (Mallee Sustainable Farming) chats with Dr Richard Lunz about all thing’s zoonosis with a particular focus on Q Fever.
Richard is a South African trained doctor with experience in science/research/education and holds postgraduate degrees in Primary Care/Public Health/Occ Med/Aviation/Safety and risk. Richard is based out of the Hamilton Medical Clinic in Victoria and a valued team member of the National Centre for Farmers Health.

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