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Episode 7: MSF Farm Talk | Farming on the edge of the desert with Bill Crabtree

December 11, 2020 - 10:27 am

This week we are joined on the MSF Farm Talk Podcast by the one and only, ‘No-Till-Bill.’

In this episode Bill Crabtree reveals some of his biggest lessons learned as a dryland farmer in the west.

Bill isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo as he shares his perspective on the fine line between making money and remaining sustainable.

We also cover:

– Bill’s experiences on successfully farming in low rainfall areas
– How termites have played a major role in his crop rotation
– Crop residues for improving soil structure
– Stubble retention and managing erosion

We also chat with Bill about his next mission in life – taking his Australian farming experience and approaches to Africa!

Big shout out to SAGIT for their Grower Group funding to help us develop this podcast.

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