31 August 2020

The show must go on! Mallee Sustainable Farming will host two field days in South Australia in September.

MSF will host two field days in the Southern Mallee on Thursday 10th of September and Friday 11th of September 2020 with both days set to be packed full of value.
The first field day will be a driving day from Lameroo to Bowhill on Thursday 10th of September. The day will commence with coffee and registrations from 8am at a property near Lameroo.

Key highlights for the day:
• Rotations that manage barley grass with Chris Preston, The University of Adelaide.
• Promising new pastures for the Mallee presented by Rick Llewellyn, CSIRO and Ross Ballard, SARDI.
• Oaten hay variety trial near Lameroo by Courtney Peirce, SARDI.
• Improving legume performance on sands with YP & Mid North Consultant Sam Trengove, Trengove Consulting and Jeremy Nelson, Murraylands & Riverland Landscapes Board.
• Fixing Mallee Seeps near Wynarka with Chris McDonough, Insight Extension for Agriculture
• Improving non-wetting sands with soil amelioration and wetters, including the new JSL High work rate plough prototype, deep ripping and spading comparison near Bowhill. Plus a discussion on wetter performance versus soil amelioration with Jack Desbiolles & Chris Saunders, UniSA and representatives from John Shearer Ltd
• Economics of soil amelioration treatments and making sure it pays with Rick Llewellyn, CSIRO.

The Loxton to Taplan driving field day on Friday 11th September will kick off from 8.30am with coffee and registrations at MSF’s Loxton Trial Site, Gosse Rd, Loxton. First looking at the SAGIT Clearfield Frost trial covering flowering time and frost impact with Kenton Porker from SARDI.
Other key highlights of the Loxton to Taplan Field Day:
• Herbicide tolerant pulse varieties discussed by Larn McMurray from Global Grain Genetics
• Boosting N Fixation in legume crops to be covered by Liz Farquharson, SARDI.
• New herbicides trial presenting by Brian Lynch from Elders.
• NVT wheat site at Nangari presented by Kenton Porker, SARDI.
• Paddock scale deep ripping responses using a curve tyne ripper with Mark Hampel, Jack Desbiolles and Chris Saunders from The University of South Australia.
• SAGIT deep ripping trial site with Michael Lange’s ripper near Woodleigh presented by Therese McBeath from CSIRO, Chris Saunders from UniSA and Michael Lange.

Everyone is welcome to join for the full day(s) or to meet the groups along the way. Both field days are free and fully catered.
COVID19 safe guidelines along with MSF’s field day policy will be in place. Registrations are essential prior to attending MSF Field Days. For more information about MSF’s Field Days please visit
Attendees must register their attendance for our upcoming field days by the 5th of September. To register, send Sonia Allen (sonia [dot] allen [at] msfp [dot] org [dot] au) an email with name(s), phone number and how many people are expecting to attend for COVID19 registrations and catering purposes along with directions to sites.


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