8 April 2020


Mallee Sustainable Farming is excited to announce the launch of the new podcast series ‘MSF Farm Talk Podcast’.

The MSF Farm Talk Podcast proudly brings Farmers, Researchers and Agricultural Industry connections together to chat innovative farming practices to build a sustainable farming future for Mallee growers.

Given that MSF has been at the forefront of delivering research in the Mallee for the last 23 years there is plenty to share including the latest in farming systems work, Mallee seeps, deep ripping and sandy soils improvements, farmers success stories and more.

“There is no better time to begin our podcast series, it’s something we have had planned for the last 12 months and we are excited to finally see it come to life,” says MSF Program Manager, Tanja Morgan.

“We have so much research written in scientific papers and articles and it’s time to bring it to life and make it more accessible so busy farmers can listen to researchers or other farmers while they are in the tractor or driving around their farms.”

MSF Farm Talk Podcast aims to roll out regular series covering a range of topics relevant to Mallee growers in collaboration with Ag Specialist organisations and individuals.

Mallee Sustainable Farming, in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria, proudly developed the Mallee Farming AgVic series, which is the first series officially released on the MSF Farm Talk Podcast.

This series was produced to assist farmers experiencing drought and dry seasonal conditions. The development of the episodes included in the Mallee Farming AgVic series was funded by the Agriculture Victoria Drought Program. For more information please visit:

In the Mallee Farming AgVic Series, Drew Radford speaks with a range of Ag specialists to bring updates, new findings, ideas and insights on farming in low-rainfall Mallee regions of SA, VIC & NSW.

For more information or to listen to the MSF Farm Talk Podcast please visit:


Contact Information

Tegan Buckley

Mallee Sustainable Farming

Communications and Media Manager

tegan [at] msfp [dot] org [dot] au

About Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF)

MSF brings farmers and researchers together to build more efficient, profitable and sustainable farming businesses in the low-rainfall Mallee region across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

In collaboration with Australia’s best agricultural and scientific organisations we’re delivering industry leading research into no-till systems, soil management, crop rotations and nutrition, soil microbiology, environmental sustainability and agronomy that’s changing the face of farming in the Mallee.

Our farmers access the latest developments in sustainable farming methods that are tested on farms in their region and proven to increase productivity, sustainability and profitability.