GRDC Growing Pulses in 2020 Webinar Series – Southern Region

Are you growing pulses in 2020?
If yes, then be sure to check out GRDC’s Growing Pulses in 2020 Webinar series!
GRDC have released a series of webinars for southern region pulse crop growers to be well resourced ahead of the 2020 season. The Growing Pulses in 2020 webinars, co-ordinated and facilitated by Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), covered topics such as inoculation and nodulation, growing pulses on sand, pulse markets, disease diagnostics and pre-emergent herbicide use.

GRDC Grower Relations Manager – South, Tom Blake, says that through the latest webinar series, the GRDC is supporting new and established pulse growers with information and advice to underpin successful production.

Webinars that we think Mallee Pulse Growers may find most useful are: