GRDC National Frost Initiative

GRDC increased investment in frost research in 2014 to establish the National Frost Initiative. This five-year, national initiative will tackle frost from several angles and deliver growers a combination of genetic and management solutions to mitigate frost together with tools and information to better predict frost events.

Young farmers encouraged to apply for 2017 future grain leaders program

Nominations are now open for GrainGrowers' Australian Grain Farm Leaders Program.

Soil carbon: A Q&A with Gupta Vadakattu

Soil carbon plays a key role in crop growth, so a good understanding of the role of carbon in cropping systems can help improve crop productivity. CSIRO researcher Dr Gupta Vadakattu explains why carbon is important and how growers can make the most of their soil carbon.

Pulse Australia: Ron Storey takes top pulse job

Mr Storey replaces Peter Wilson, who has chaired the pulse industry organisation for the past six years.

Pulses a profitable option for grass weed control

When soil nitrogen levels started to become a limiting factor in South Australian grower Robin Schaefer’s cereal performance, he began to look for alternative sources.

Mallee growers break through cereals’ ceiling

A cropping evolution is gathering momentum across the Mallee region as growers increasingly fine-tune their rotations to increase the role of break crops in lifting productivity and profitability

Late Crop Herbicide Application on Barley

The use of approved herbicides for the purposes of weed control must be carried out in accordance with herbicide labelling instructions, which require grain growers to follow written label directions.

GrainVantage™ MSF Rebate

As a part of the agreement between Mallee Sustainable Farming and Grain Growers Limited, MSF members who purchase a GrainVantage portable NIR monitor can nominate MSF to receive a $300 rebate.