Detection of Russian wheat aphid

The exotic pest - Russian wheat aphid - has been found for the first time in Australia in cereal crops in SA's mid-north. Grain growers and agronomists are asked to monitor emerging crops.

Manage Mallee seeps at the source for best results

Growers dealing with waterlogging caused by Mallee dune seepage should treat the problem at the source for best results.

Allen's life quest to nurture living soils

It has been 20 years since Allen Buckley became an early adopter of no-till farming in the Mallee. Today, the Waikerie, South Australia, grower says it is an ongoing journey to maintain healthy soils and ground cover and increase yield

Overdependence On Agrochemicals Survey 2016

Mallee farmers are being encouraged to have their input into a strategy to better understand future weed control needs in low-rainfall zones.

CASA develops new regulations for drone operation

Farmers will soon be able to fly drones weighing up to 25 kilograms over their property without an unmanned aircraft operators certificate, provided they are not paid for the work.

GrowNotes for southern region

The GRDC has released three new winter cropping GrowNotes for the southern region. GrowNotes incorporate the latest research findings and management advice for growers and advisers.

When rainfall’s low, good break can bring rich rewards

Mallee Sustainable Farming agronomist Michael Moodie says trials have demonstrated that where issues such as weeds, declining soil fertility and root disease have been affecting wheat yields, -introducing a break crop into the rotation can mitigate those issues in following seasons.

Sheep and cattle could be enclosed by virtual fences

Having the power to move and monitor animals from a smartphone might soon be a reality for farmers. Virtual fences are a potential game-changing technology for farmers, giving them the ability to move and contain cattle digitally without the use of a physical fence.

Nominations open for the 2016 David Roget Mallee Sustainable Farming Excellence Award

Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) is pleased to announce that nominations are now being sought for the 2016 David Roget Mallee Sustainable Farming Excellence Award.