Mallee Sustainable Farming is excited to announce the launch of an Emerging Leadership Program, a five-day leadership development initiative designed for adults aged 18 to 30 years who are passionate about creating thriving futures in the Victorian Mallee communities through collective leadership.

The life membership award to Ms Paula Gordon recognised the significant contribution and dedication to Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) and the dryland farming industry over more than two decades.

Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) is proud to announce the appointment of Dr Penny Roberts as its new Research Manager and through the new position, anticipate fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that will further drive sustainability and progress in the farming practices of the Mallee region.

This project seeks to understand the impact that residual based herbicides have on summer fallow weed management strategies in and around the Wentworth region.

Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) is proud to announce the appointment of Jenny Garonne as its new Managing Director.

Explore Mallee-REEL-Culture, a youth-focused project sharing vibrant local stories through short videos. Witness the highs and lows, resilience, and community strength in Mallee life.

Over the next 18 months, we’re taking crucial conversations about risk, mental health, and future planning directly to Mallee Farmers.

This project aims to build on the information presented and the grower activities at VRT workshops where all participants selected a paddock on their own property and started to use public satellite NDVI data to establish their own soil zones to begin the VRT journey.

The GRDC National Risk Management Initiative is a 5 year program funded by growers through GRDC. MSF is delivering the project across the MSF region of SA, Victoria and NSW. Farmers are invited to participate in the project through on-farm research, demonstrations and group based workshops and activities.

Mallee Sustainable Farming recently hosted a table at the SA Agribusiness Annual Lunch in Adelaide.

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